Holding on to Hurt

"If you do not cry while reading this book, I suggest you get check for a pulse. :) I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys true-life love stories. It's not a romance per se, but it's a story about the greatest love of all - the love of family."

Planet Perfect

"A real page-turner - what is “a perfect life”, how do you create “a perfect world”? And at which expenses? It’s also a heart-wrenching description of infertility - and a touching story about love - between siblings, mothers and daughters, and husband and wives. A good, entertaining read."

When I’m not ‘mom’, I spend all my free time writing what readers call compelling, fun, and loving stories. You will often find me at Starbucks, sipping Lattes, laughing or crying with my characters.


I am a mom, a wife, and an author—in that order. I’m originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, but now live in Seattle with my amazing husband, Jeppe, and kids: Alfred and the twincesses, Emma and Olivia. 

When I’m not ‘mom’, I spend all my free time writing what readers call compelling, fun, and loving stories. You find me at Starbucks with headphones on, sipping Lattes, laughing or crying with my characters.

My favorite authors…

John Irving who introduced me to the concept of ‘loving to read”. I mean who didn’t fall in love with little peculiar Owen Meany or reading novels (or John Irving) the first time you read one of his books. His characters are so amazing. They come to life around you.

Emily Giffin--a modern Jane Austen who showed me that great storytelling/writing doesn’t have to be Avant-garde. ‘Simple’ writing about everyday people and their everyday problems is both very powerful and engaging.



I really enjoyed this book! I felt like I was living vicariously through Ella. I'm in nursing school and should have been studying, but instead stayed up many nights reading this....

Miss Apple Pants #1: Lost in Seattle

This book is charming, refreshing, and full of heart. It celebrates the little and big things in life and the savor of the bitter and the sweet ...

Miss Apple Pants #1: Lost in Seattle

The One That Got Away is about feeling how we all can feel small, insecure, and lost even in the best of times and how love conquers all. I was reading an article about how this older guy had tracked down his old high school..

The One That Got Away

Who among us hasn't looked to the outside or to the past for something more than what current circumstances are providing? I know I'm guilty of this and have learned some hard lessons over the years ...

The One That Got Away